ACT Math Preparation

ACT Prep

ACT Math Preparation

Need extra help in preparing for the math section of the ACT? Learn extra techniques to pace yourself and solve problems faster. Succeed in practice problems that cover algebra, geometry and trigonometry. If you took our ACT Preparation course, just bring back the textbook you've used. No need to make a new textbook purchase. 


*Textbook is not included, must be purchased separately.

Required textbook: Cambridge Victory for the ACT Test 13th edition

If the link is not working please do the following:

  1. Type into your browser
  2. Click on “Store” up a top of page
  3. Click on ACT Test /Student Materials
  4. Select Victory for the ACT 13th edition


ACT Math Prep
Fee: $49

November 16, 2017

5 PM - 8 PM

Southeast Campus
Room 3210