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Class Name Start Date Cost
Interpersonal Communication Skills: Skills When You Are Listening Dec. 8, 2014 $175
Interpersonal Communication Skills: Skills to Work Through Issues Dec. 15, 2014 $175
Know Your Strengths: Build Relationships-Grow Your Leadership Dec. 9, 2014 $400
Best Practices for Supervision: The Supervisor's IN List Dec. 11, 2014 $175
Best Practices for Supervision: The Supervisor's BIG List Dec. 18, 2015 $175
Leading Effective Team Meetings Dec. 12, 2014 $175
When You Have A Talk To Give Now! Dec. 12, 2014 $175
Nutrition for People Who Sit All Day Dec. 16, 2014 $175


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We can tailor these and other programs and classes to the appropriate skill level (awareness, learning, and mastery) of your employee. Our customized training option provides excellent, affordable programs packed with information, techniques, and tools specific to your needs which will help your employees succeed.

Assessment activities are used as a means of providing a foundation for individual training and staff development activities. Assessments help identify levels of employee strengths and challenge areas. This process enhances teamwork through understanding individual differences, and identifying skill composition of teams or work groups. Customized training can provide a variety of assessment tools including:

  • Organizational Training Needs Assessment Individual Development – evaluates an individual's function within the organization Technology Skill Development – examines the technology being used relative to the company's goals
  • Management and Supervisory Skills – evaluates the skills and characteristics needed to manage and lead others towards organizational goals Teamwork Development – assess the organization in its pursuit to build or improve effective teams.

From information technology courses to leadership training seminars, educational resources are available to businesses at any time, any place and in a variety of formats.

Convenient formats include instructor-led, online, videoconferencing, computer-based, self-paced, train-the-trainer, and workbooks and materials. Courses and workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your company, whether a one or two day workshop meeting during lunch or a more comprehensive course which meets three or four hours a week for several weeks.

For your training needs, call 918-595-7200 or e-mail for more information.