GED Preparation

GED Prep

Class will review all four test subjects:

English (Reading/Writing)

Students will learn how to obtain the ability to read thoroughly, write clearly, to edit, and understand the concept of standard written English in context as well to determine the details of what is openly stated and make rational conclusions in order to respond to questions.


Students will learn how to solve simple mathematics such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing by working on quantitative and algebraic problems. Also, they’ll learn how to read tables, graphs, and charts in order to perform calculations and interpret data into graphical representations. Students will be introduced to properties of numbers and functions as well learn to recognize basic expressions, equations, and inequalities.


Students will learn how to recognize graph’s features, understand tools and methods in experiments, and evaluate models in order to form hypotheses, predictions, and conclusions based on data studied in life, physical, earth and space science.

Social Studies

Students will learn how to apply reasoning skills into key concepts widely used in civics and government, United States history, economics, geography and the world, and that which is most relevant to human population.


*The GED test is not included. For GED testing information, click here.

GED Prep
Fridays & Saturdays
Fee: $249

Sep 22 - Nov 18, 2017

Friday (6 PM - 8 PM)
Saturday (10AM - 12PM)

Conference Center
Room 211/213