To function in a particular society or in an international setting, it is crucial to gain an accurate historical understanding of a present situation or past event through the study of history. The study of history involves verifying events and ideas, exploring the causes and effects of events and ideas, reconciling various interpretations of them, and making informed judgments about how to utilize differing views to assert a conclusion. In addition, it is essential that the historical reasoning process be expressed in a clear and effective style of written communication.



Deaf Culture and History

This is an interdisciplinary course to introduce students to human values through the exploration of American deaf culture through its history, literature, and arts. Students will explore Deaf culture as a minority culture focusing on awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and preservation of language. Culture and relationships are examined through the impact of modern technology and moral trends.


Deaf Culture and History
Fee: $342

Aug 21 - Dec 17, 2017




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