Spanish For Medical Personnel


Spanish For Medical Personnel

Misunderstandings can be costly in the medical field. They can cost additional TIME spent on difficulties gathering or providing information. In this class, each student will receive individual feedback in order to hone their listening and pronunciation. Learn how to avoid common linguistic pitfalls and save time, time that can be critical to you and your patients. Clear communication with your patients is a key aspect of practicing medicine.   Relying on family members to translate can be problematic. Proficiency in Spanish reassures your Spanish-speaking patients and helps you both feel more confident in the treatment being administered.

REQUIRED: In this credit/noncredit class, students will be expected to follow attendance, participation and assignment guidelines followed by credit students.


Note: This class is also offered for credit. To learn how to apply and enroll in a class in a degree plan at TCC, please visit this page:



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