Flight Review



Flight Review

Welcome Pilots!
The Tulsa Community College Riverside Community Campus and Aviation Center is pleased to offer a Flight Review course for certificated pilots. At the Aviation Center, the Flight Review process is designed to be as friendly and positive a flight and ground training experience as possible.
This course is designed specifically to allow a certificated pilot to continue using or renew the privileges of their certificate.  All Flight Reviews conducted at the Aviation Center use the Federal Aviation Administration publication AC 61-98C “Currency Requirements and Guidance for the Flight Review” as the basis for training. The FAA publishes this criteria to help the applicant ensure their ability to safely operate in the National Airspace System and exercise their privileges associated with their airman certificate.

The Flight Review, as noted in 14 CFR 61.56, consists of a minimum of 1 hour of flight training and 1 hour of ground training. However, depending on previous experience level, applicants may need additional ground or flight training to ensure overall safety and competence in flight. Aviation Center Certificated Flight Instructors (CFIs) will discuss your personal needs and develop an individualized study and training plan with you to meet mutual safety expectations.
Ground and flight training are given at the TCC Aviation Center. The ground portion will review current operating and flight rules of 14 CFR Part 91. The in-flight training will review maneuvers that are necessary for the pilot to demonstrate the safe exercise of the aircraft.  All in-flight training given in our Cessna 172S/G1000 will ensure pilots will be up to the latest Airman Certification Standards for the respective certificates and ratings they hold. 
The Aviation Center at Tulsa Community College is a dedicated academic environment and community where learning is applied through critical thinking. Our mission is to educate with a strong emphasis on safety and professionalism to elevate our students in their aviation career.
Please Note: Course completion will be at the discretion of the FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) in order for the applicant to meet the published FAA Airman Certification Standards and be in compliance of the Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 61.56 training requirements for a Flight Review. 
Student must provide proof of:

  • US Citizenship (http://bit.ly/2i4iVc4)
  • Copies of certificates/ratings
  • Government issued photo ID. 
  • (Medical or BasicMed highly encouraged, but not required)


After completing registration, please call the Aviation Center at 918-595-3717, or email aviationcenter@tulsacc.edu to schedule a flight and ground training.

Flight Review
Fee: $49

Continuous Registration OPEN now.
Scheduling starts November 1, 2017.


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