Phase 3: Master Quality Technician

Quality Technician Workforce Certificate Program

The Quality Technician Workforce Certificate is offered in three phases. Each phase adds new tools to the box for the quality technician, resulting in a broad knowledge and skill base relevant to the needs of the quality field, and a solid foundation for quality leaders. Candidates who complete the program may also be eligible to apply these certificates for credit toward a degree at TCC.

Phase 3: Master Quality Technician

*Pre-requisite: Quality Technician Basic and Advanced Certificate

  • ENGT 2462 - Project Engineering and Management
  • QCTT 2383 - Statistical Process Control and Quality Costs Audit
  • QCTT 2333 - Inspection Principles

Phase 3 of the Quality Technician certificate program will equip the student with higher-level skills needed for quality leadership and competence in the quality assurance role. Candidates will discuss and apply management concepts needed to successfully lead a major project. They will develop and utilize statistical skills to maintain and control quality in manufacturing processes and interpret trends in data that indicate a whether processes are operating within control limits. Finally, students will explore and employ principles for inspection of goods that ensure accurate measurements and the conformity of finished products to technical specifications. Upon completion of this phase students will be eligible to receive the Quality Technician Advanced Workforce Certificate.



Sorry, there are no more classes available. If you are interested in joining the Phase 3: Master Quality Technician program, please contact us at indicating your interest and we'll add you to our list of contacts when we have the courses available for enrollment.