Photography Classes in Tulsa


This is one of our most popular programs.  Classes for the beginner to the expert and everyone in between.  TCC Photography Certificate also available (see below for classes).  Call 918-595-7200 for more information.

Class Name

Start Date


Digital Editing II November 24, 2015 $129
Photography Level I January 12, 2016 $139
Photography Level I January 14, 2016 $139
Advanced Darkroom February 25, 2016 $229
Photography Level II February 29, 2016 $145
Photography Level II March 2, 2016 $145
Photography Level III April 11, 2016 $149
Photography Level III April 13, 2016 $149
How to Start a Photography Business May 11, 2016 $139
Intro to Copyright Law for Photographers June 1, 2016 $69
Wedding Photography June 6, 2016 $155
The Art of Seeing June 8, 2016 $155


TCC Continuing Education and Workforce Development Photography Certificate

Photography Certificate Checklist

Required Classes:  Photography Level One; Photography Level Two; Photography Level Three; Digital Editing I; Lighting for Photographers; Copyright Law; and How to Start a Photography Business

Electives (Choose 3 Classes):  Photography After Dark; Wedding Photography; Digital Editing II; Outdoor Photography; The Art of Seeing; Other photography classes when available and approved

Call 918-595-7200 for more information on the certificate program