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Soft Landing: Transitioning Back to School

If it has been a while since you were in a public classroom, you may want to ease you way into the college routine by enrolling in a variety of courses that are:

  • Noncredit, but can be changed to credit standing*
  • Noncredit and workforce facing – moving you toward recognized certifications of skill sets.
  • Shorter and less expensive than classes that count for credit.>
  • Have an easier pathway to enrollment . (No transcripts, etc. required, and a simple “Online shopping cart” registration system.)

Our “Soft Landing” may be the “Safe Landing” you need for a successful return to College!

Grade can be recorded on a TCC transcript after the successful completion of [enrollment in TCC within one year of completion AND an additional] 12 credit hours taken at the college.

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Links for Veterans and their Families

Below are some links that contain useful information for veterans and their families.  If you have any helpful links please let us know so we can add them to our webpage.

Special Discounts for Military members

MyCAA Scholarship Funds - Online classes